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Content - Crowds Have No Leaders!

Published: 13 Jan 2014 00:36:26 PST

Paul Dunay


The Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost and time. Social tools like blogs and social networking sites are helping crowds form around very discrete topics.

But what is missing from these crowds are leaders. Like any social network that you may join you have those that join and just lurk, those that maybe make a comment or contribute but then you have those who stand up, take some initiative and lead! And that's what these social networks really need is more leaders!
That's what Seth Godin's new book Tribes is all about.
For example, the internet is a great place for Ukrainian Folk Dancers because now for the first time people who love Ukrainian Folk Dancing can ban together and create their own "Tribe".
This is an important fact since traditional media is no longer working. There is just too much noise out there to shout at people. No consumer brand has been built on the back of traditional media for a while now. TV certainly isn't working for the creation of new consumer or B2B brands.
Which means your only option is to define your brand in a way that is open to a dialog (no Command and Control branding please) and in a way that is narrow enough to start or tap into a "movement".
Take for example .... Harley Davidson .... here is a consumer brand that also is a movement a Tribe. Take from the brand what you want and maybe even lead your own Tribe in your own area.
Seth recently held an event in NY to bring his own Tribe together. You can view his slides here and you can listen to the audio of his presentation here.
Some of the highlights from my notes were:
7 elements of leaders
Challenge .... leaders challenge their tribe
Culture .... leaders create a culture within the tribe
Curiosity .... leaders open up a curiosity gap for outsiders
Charisma .... being a leader gives you charisma
Communicate .... leaders communicate
Connect .... leaders connect others in the tribe
Commit .... to the movement
5 things tribes want
Connect .... they join to connect with others
Create Meaning .... joining gives them purpose
Make a difference .... joining allows them to make a difference
Be Noticed .... they join to be noticed
Matter .... they join because it matters to them
Marketing management is now Tribal leadership. Start doing things for people not to them. It's an obligation and it up to you!

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