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Source: Industry Report

Watch Industry

Published: 11 Aug 2009 21:20:05 PST
Key trends for the last 5 years
Industry overview and new opportunities
Exclusive analysis for online trade in your industry:
  • Top 30 searched products on Alibaba.com
  • Top 5 popular countries/regions with buyers

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1 Overview of Watch Industry
1.1 Definition of Watch Industry
1.2 Watch Industry Certification
1.3 Regulations on Production and Export Trade of Watch Industry

2 Current Status and Prospect of Watch Industry
2.1 Current Status of Watch Industry
2.2 Introduction to Major Products in Watch Industry
2.3 Major Export Destinations of the Watch Industry
2.4 Analysis on International Market Demand of Watch Industry
2.5 Star Enterprises in Watch Industry
2.6 Prospect of Watch Industry

3 Analysis on Characteristics of Alibaba Watch Industry Buyers
3.1 Continent Distribution of Buyers
3.2 TOP 5 Countries/Regions with Most Buyer Feedback
3.3 TOP 30 Most Searched Keywords
3.4 Representatives of Alibaba Watch Industry Buyers (Partial)

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