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Though most buyers prefer to look for products and suppliers by searching and browsing, almost a third of them post Buying Leads to let sellers find them instead. As a seller, you can search the buying trade leads posted by those buyers and send instant quotations. 

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1. Click the "Buyers" tab above the Search Bar.
2. Enter a product name in the Search Box (Related suggestions will be shown when you start typing. If you do not need Search Suggestions, you can click "Hide" to remove them), then click "Search".

3. You can filter your search results by Country/Region and/or Category.

4. You can also use Refine Search to filter your search results.
Select Date
This helps you filter your buying lead results by posting date.

Select Purchase Type
There are two purchase types you can use to filter your buying lead results.
"Urgently Needed Product" is for short-term or urgent purchase needs.
"Long-term purchase" is for long-term purchase needs.


1. Click Buying Leads to look for the latest buying leads.

2. Then, you can choose the category you are interested in.

3. After that, you can Select Country/Region to filter your search results.

4. You can also browse the extensive product categories to find whatever you want. Just remember to click the "Buyers" tab above the Search Bar.

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