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Searching Products and Suppliers

If you want to find a product, or the suppliers who produce that product, you can either use our search function or browse by category.


Step 1. Enter a product name in the Search Bar (Related suggestions will be shown when you start typing. If you do not need Search Suggestions, you can click "Hide" to remove them), then click Search.

Step 2. You can filter your search results by Country/Region, Category and/or other specifications in Refine Search. Click "View more specifications" on the bottom of Refine Search to find more options for narrowing your search. Please check following picture:


1. When you select a filter, it will be shown at the top left of the Refine Search box.

2. You can remove a filter by clicking the "" button next to it.

3. Below the Refine Search box, you can choose "Gold Supplier" to show results posted by verified members only.
4. Choose a "Factory Audit Type" to show results posted exclusively by Production Audited Suppliers and/or Trade Audited Suppliers.
5. Choose a "Business Type" to select the type of suppliers you want.



1. Click the "Products" or "Suppliers" tab above the Search Bar on any page.
2. You can browse the extensive product categories to find whatever you want.
3. Use the Refine Search feature above the product results listing to narrow your search

To see our product categories, click here

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