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E-commerce opens up the gateway for Quiko to reach the emerging markets in their industry

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Luca Borinato
Company: Quiko Italy Sas Di Borinato Luca
Location: Italy
Industry: Mechanical
Gold Supplier member since: 2007
Gold Supplier

Mr Luca Borinato, the export manager of Quiko believes that development in emerging markets is very important to Quiko. That is why Quiko has a ‘foreign oriented’ strategy, spending extra efforts in BRICs and MENA regions. “I believe that SMBs can also do a great job and make a difference by constantly updating their marketing strategies in order to catch up with the global market, that of cause including leveraging the power of e-commerce”, Mr. Borinato said.

“Once we signed up as Gold Supplier member, our inquiries and sales orders both increased by 80%”, stated by Mr. Borinato. “I think buyers have more trust in us since we are verified and also a paid member. It means that we are taking it seriously in doing business on the platform”.

Mr. Borinato told us that there are 5 best practices that he thinks are key to Quiko’s success, they are

  1. Building Trust

    Gaining customers’ trust is always on top of Quiko’s list. Treating both big and small customers equally and be there for customers from anywhere in the world is crucial for the business to go global ! Quiko promises to get back to every enquiry no more than 3 hours, and they are always there for their customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Quiko wants every one of their customers feel that they are never alone, and can completely put their trust on them.

  2. Passion

    Passion definitely can help in going extra miles ! Mr. Borinato is an expert in both e-commerce management system and search engine optimization (SEO), and he is so eager to apply these skills in Quiko while most of their competitors are still going to tradeshows and placing advertisement.

    Quiko used to be just doing OEM for other brands, but since they started to have their own designs 7 years ago, Mr. Borinato deeply believes that Quiko needs to do it differently in order to gain market shares quicker. So they decided to start leveraging e-commerce platform and SEO in order to reach more potential customers, plus creating stronger awareness at the same time.
  3. Change

    Back in 2006, Quiko was 100% depending on domestic revenue, however, sales volume was starting to decrease by 20% year over year because of the economy instability in Europe. Therefore, in early 2007, Quiko decided to manage this crisis with a change. They have launched a brand new design of gate openers and aimed to distribute it overseas. Since Mr. Borinato has great passion in ecommerce and internet, he then decided to invest in online advertising and ecommerce platform. 8 years passed by, their revenue has now gone up over 500%, and 95% of their orders are coming from overseas, and only 5% is domestic orders. Quiko has successfully transformed into an international company which sells their own brand to 42 different countries.

  4. Digital Marketing

    There are several digital marketing tools that Quiko has used in order to accomplish their change :

    • Search Engine Optimization - to lead potential customers to find Quiko easier
    • Listing directories – the more exposure, the higher chance for potential customer to spot Quiko
    • – a one-stop trading platform to meet with quality overseas buyers
    • Google AdWords – a targeted advertising tool to reach preferred audiences
    • Go mobile – be ready to reply to customers’ email or instant messages anytime, anywhere

  5. Social Responsibility

    With decades of experience in the industry and the achievement in leveraging ecommerce, Quiko feels that it is necessary for them to share what they have learnt and help other local SMEs to go global. Quiko Opening Solutions is a programme to teach local SMEs how to expand their business overseas like what Quiko has achieved.

    "Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

    Author: Mr. Luca Borinato

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