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I am an addict. It's a great tool!

Buyer Photo Martin Klode
Managing Director, Gigao Internet Trade

Location: Germany
Industry: Printer consumables and lighting equipment
Member since 2002

Business owner Mr. Martin Klode is Managing Director of Gigao Internet Trade, a company active in the printer consumables and lighting equipment sector. Mr. Klode first discovered in 2002 while surfing the net looking for innovative suppliers and now he calls himself an " addict". He sources products through and sells them in Germany and Europe.

Mr. Klode uses both's English marketplace ( and Chinese marketplace ( to source products. Before being a member of, he bought all his products locally. Today, Gigao Internet Trade sources at least 50% of its products online.

"Sourcing from overseas provides us with many benefits," said Mr. Klode. "You can get the best price and have more flexibility. When we purchase from China we can exert more influence on the manufacturing process. We can talk to the manufacturer directly and they customize the products for us."

Mr. Klode spends up to four hours a day on looking for the right products and suppliers for his customers. He finds the website very easy to use and likes the free sourcing tools it offers such as Safe Trading Tips and Trade Alerts.

Mr. Klode continued, "I really appreciate the support I get from The tips on how to trade with China were a great help to me, especially in the beginning when I first started to do business with Chinese companies. And Trade Alerts ensures that I am continuously informed about new products. On, I can get the approximate price range of products which is very helpful. I am able to compare price, service and quality between manufacturers in different countries online before I make a purchase. I feel very comfortable using, it gives me a sense of security."

"I would say I am an addict. It's a great tool!"