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China Mobile offers 'cellphone wallet' in Beijing

Published: 07 Feb 2010 22:02:01 PST

China Mobile Beijing branch signed an agreement with WuMart Stores Inc. to launch a cellphone shopping payment service on February 6.

According to the deal, 20 million China Mobile users in Beijing can do shopping under 500 yuan ($73) with cellphones in over 300 outlets of WuMart and MerryMart under WuMart Group.

Paying with cellphones is an e-wallet service based on RFID launched by China Mobile. Inserted a RFID-SIM card, a cellphone can pay at POS of the supermarkets. Users can recharge their e-wallets in an exclusive account at the cashier of those supermarkets, on the Internet or through SMS.

Users can choose on China Mobile website or from over 30,000 goods in the supermarkets for their point exchange gift. Members of WuMart can also charge their cellphones by using the annual shopping points.

Now, China Mobile Beijing branch is also under negotiation with relevant departments to involve public transportation into its cellphone service.


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