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Riich X1 enters market

Published: 16 Nov 2009 00:02:02 PST

Riich X1 entered the market in Kunming, Yunnan Province on November 15. The displacement of the new cars is 1.3 liters. The prices range from 55,800 yuan to 66,800 yuan.

The X1 is designed as a crossover and will be sold in the mini SUV market.

The dimensions of the car are 3,866 x 1,622 x 1,638 mm. The wheelbase is 2,330 mm and adopts a front suspension system and semi-independent twist-beam rear suspension equipped with four-wheel disc brakes.

The Riich X1 adopts a SQR473F 1.3 liter engine and it has a maximum power of 61 kw and a maximum torque of 114Nm. It also has a digital safety system, digital drive control system, and digital energy saving system.

The Riich X1 is a good choice for those who like driving their own cars, targeting mostly white-collar workers whose age is between 23 and 29-years-old.

Agencies and Wang Yang contributed to this story

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