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Engine model of China's home-made jetliner on show in Shanghai

Published: 02 Nov 2009 22:02:01 PST


The engine model SF-A for China's domestic jetliner C919 was put on display at the China International Industry Fair 2009 in Shanghai Monday.

Designed by Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd (ACAE), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the engine was made specifically for China's largest domestically manufactured jetliner C919, which is expected to take off in 2016.

A kind of turbofan engine, the engine model SF-A fulfills the motor power necessary for a large airliner, which is highly fuel efficient.

At the same time, AVIC announced its plan to establish a turbofan design system by 2010, and the company is now dealing with key technological issues.

As a subsidiary of AVIC, ACAE was founded on January 18 this year and it is responsible for the design, R&D, assembly, test, sales and service, technology development and technology consulting for commercial aircraft engines in China.


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