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Geographic Location of Tianjin

Published: 10 Nov 2008 01:49:35 PST

Geographic Location of Tianjin 

Located in the center of Bohai-Rim, backed by the vast area of north China and facing north-east Asia, Tianjin, also called "Jin" for short, is an important hub for connections to more than ten provinces and cities in north

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Geographic Location of TianjinChina. Tianjin is only 120 kilometers away from Beijing, the capital city of China. With the Haihe River, one of the five largest rivers in China, crossing from north to south, Tianjin has long been renowned as“ Sea Inlet of Nine Rivers” and“ Communications Center of River and Sea”. Located in the east eight time zone, Tianjin is geographically located between Latitude 38o34’ and 45o15’N and Longitude 116o43’ and 118o04’E. Tianjin has a total area of more than 11,800 square kilometers, with 153 km coastline and over 1,100 km land boundary.


Tianjian has a semi-humid continental monsoon climate of warm-temperate zone with four distinct seasons and adequate sunshine. It has cold winters and hot summers while spring and autumn are short and pleasant. The annual average temperature stands at around 12 ℃InGeneral, January is the coldest month and July is the hottest. The average frost free season lasts about 200 days; and annual average rainfall is about 600 mm.

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