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Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: KiIl Hong
Location: South Korea
Industry: Cosmetics / Foods / Apparel
Gold Supplier member since: 2017
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I joined PANDAKOREA.COM as a new employee in July 2017. Before joining PANDAKOREA.COM, I learned about while studying International Trade during university, but I had never used the site, and online trade was a new concept for me. 

When I first started using, I was worried about the long-term results, because we didn’t receive many inquiries from buyers during the first three months. I spent most of my time designing my mini-site and sourcing products. However, the inquiries slowly started to trickle in and grew stronger as time went on.

In October 2017, my inquiries increased 300% from the previous month, and more and more buyers were contacting me through  For me, the most important factor in getting successful B2B sales is responding quickly to buyers. I like using trade management software and various messaging platforms to maintain speedy communication. I prefer to use SMS messaging for receiving new orders, giving feedback to buyers, and confirming shipping methods and payment terms. 

I get about 500-700 inquiries a month on average.  Most of my inquiries come from Southeast Asia. In total, I have exported products to more than 20 countries using both air and ocean freight. In the past year, I have received over 300 orders, and my sales grew to over US $2,100,000.  I never thought it was possible to achieve sales of over US $100,000 during my first year, especially since many of my initial orders were quite small (below US $100).  However, I did not give up and focused on building my relationships with buyers and improving my mini-site, and eventually, positive results started to come in.




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