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As a loyal user of the site, I can guarantee that will work wonders for your business

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Member: Thomas K
Location: South Korea 
Industry: Home & Garden
Gold Supplier member since: 2017

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My name is Thomas K., and I am the sales manager of Myclover Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of micro-fiber cleaning products. Our company has been using since 2017 and is now a Global Gold Supplier (GGS) member.

With support from the Korean SBC/SMBA project, KGSP, and e-PRO, we were able to launch our company successfully. However, the boost that we received from was instrumental in the growth of our online B2B business.

As a loyal user of the site, I can guarantee that will work wonders for your business. Its operating system that effectively matches buyers with suppliers can help your company attain remarkable results as long as you have the drive and passion to succeed.

Our GGS membership allowed us to further maximize business opportunities on We were able to save valuable time and effort, for example, by receiving consultation advice from KGSP and having premium access to the site’s operating system and algorithm. Meanwhile, attending an offline GGS seminar familiarized us with different functions on such as how to set up a company profile, find customers through varying avenues, upgrade scores, and so on. Thanks to the prolific support, we were able to quickly establish a professional storefront detailed with company information and product postings.

A key to our company’s success on is rooted in our proficiency in analyzing RFQ data. Through examining buyer activities and testing out keywords, we were able to zero in on potential customers and discover what attracts them to products relating to ours. Employing the gathered statistics, we prepared a thorough portfolio including our company profile, quotation sheet, catalog, brochures, and photos that catered to target consumers while showcasing our expertise.


Furthermore, the message center function also helped solidify relationships between us and our customers. From my experience, direct inquiries pose the highest chance of closing deals and therefore must be treated with caution. To begin, always provide information and price plans tailored to the buyer to increase success. Once initial contact is made, email the potential client using your company email address to demonstrate legitimacy and maximize trust. In the event that the buyer wants to discuss specificities in detail, I will always direct them to our trade manager to schedule a real-time consultation.


To conclude, I would like to advise other Korean SMEs to seriously consider using Besides the benefits I listed above, can also assist with stressful payment issues. During one of our overseas business deals, the client refused to pay his deposit fee because he doubted our company’s legitimacy. After being notified of his concerns, I contacted him via Upon seeing our GGS member status, our client felt reassured of our credibility and issued the fee. This incident showed me the value of as a trustworthy and secure trading platform for suppliers and buyers and therefore I sincerely recommend it to SMEs looking to grow their businesses.





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