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Listen to the Professionals and Learn from the Best

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Member: Mr. Rick Fung
Company: Naneon LLC
Location: USA
Industry: Nanotech Coating
Gold Supplier member since: 2016
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Naneon LLC was established in 2014 after having completed 5 years of research and development. Our nanotechnology organization is comprised of three divisions; NanoflowX (Electronic Coating), MotoshieldPro (Auto Care), and Snapguard Solutions (Household Products). We are continuously testing our technology in the most extreme conditions, while reformulating within our labs. Even though we are fairly new to the market, our race proven nanotechnology and the world's fastest electronics nano-coating solution make us the most advanced and safest surfacing nanotech coating company on the market. Now with the help of Alibaba, our sales and market share growth have been skyrocketing!

We came to know Alibaba in 2016 when Alibaba smashed its Single’s Day record once again as sales reached $17.8 billion. At that moment, we realized how Alibaba had become a major player in the e-commerce industry. New companies like ours desperately need a prominent B2B platform to expand our business, and Alibaba was the ideal platform that could improve our sales dramatically. 

When we look back now, we feel that joining Alibaba was the best business decision we have ever made. Alibaba creates a strong bridge between suppliers and buyers, so that we can easily trade with countless buyers from all over the world. Plus, the RFQ service is a win-win feature that perfectly facilitates worldwide supply and demand. Most importantly, Alibaba instructs us on how to make continuous progress scientifically by using BizTrends, which gives us constructive feedback every day. 

Thanks to Alibaba’s help, our nano-coatings are lab tested and certified by Intertek, SGS, DEKRA and other accredited testing facilities, meeting various industry standards. In addition to lab testing, our product is also being used by top racing teams within NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, IMSA, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing and many more. We have become the fastest-growing company in nanotech coatings, and our products have become the most cost-effective and efficient solutions currently on the market. 

Our nanotechnology solutions include 100% effective and durable anti-fog protection, 4% Aero improvement at 70 MPH (as reported by the Darko Technologies Wind Tunnel) and our ability to protect against electronic failures caused by moisture. Our business started with the US market; now our clients and distributors are on six continents: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. In just one year, we have sold more than US $5 million of products through Alibaba. Every month, we get about 60 inquiries, and approximately half of those inquiries turn into sales. We could never accomplish such a great success without the help of Alibaba and Booster. 

Booster is a detail-oriented service company that teaches us how to operate our business on Alibaba professionally. Their service is unsurpassed and benefits our online sales tremendously. We would like to show our greatest appreciation for the Booster team, who are always ready to help and make improvements.

Before we tried out their service, our company had only 6 inquiries per month, and barely any business connections outside the US. Our website looked pretty poor, and our product listings were incomplete. However, immediately after Booster took over, everything changed for the better; our website now looks more professional, and our products look more trustworthy.

Booster is very helpful in creating a fantastic return for our company. 

To succeed on Alibaba, firstly you must let the professionals handle the professional work. Secondly, you must listen to the professionals and learn from the best. Finally, you must post as many products as you can, reply to inquiries and stay active in communicating with buyers. Success is not impossible if you are on the right path, and Alibaba and Booster are proven to lead the way to success.




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