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My First Business Journey with Alibaba

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Saim Khalid
Company: REX International
Location: Pakistan
Industry: Sports
Gold Supplier member since: 2017
Gold Supplier



As a small business owner, I was doing business on my own website, however I was not receiving many serious inquiries. Then I heard about Alibaba from a friend who was very successful on the platform. After researching Alibaba, I found that it was the leading e-commerce platform that helps suppliers to get large volumes of serious inquiries.

I started my journey with Alibaba 2 months ago with the upmost confidence. Within those 2 months, my confidence was rewarded as I was able to win one large order and multiple small orders for around US $5,000 each. Most of my inquiries are from the US, Russia, Slovakia and Germany. 

I am very happy with the Alibaba platform because I have never experienced such a large volume of inquiries in so short a time. I am receiving even more inquiries now than when I first started with Alibaba because of the excellent advice from the Alibaba team that guides me to get the most from the platform. I am now busy answering inquiries from potential customers all over the world, which is giving me the opportunity to expand my business.

I would encourage all small-scale suppliers to join Alibaba because you will have the chance to greatly improve your sales in a short period of time. We are doing business in the age of e-commerce and Alibaba offers the leading platform for suppliers and buyers to trade across the world.




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