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LEGroup Industries: The Best Rice for The Best Price

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Augustin Caceres
Company: LEGroup Industries USA
Location: United States
Industry: Food and Beverages
Gold Supplier member since: 2010
Gold Supplier





We have been in business for over 20 years. In the 90's and early 2000's, we attended as many trade shows as possible. From early 2000, we witnessed the explosive growth of online business, with Alibaba at the forefront.

We first heard about Alibaba in 2010 and registered as a member, selling our US trademarked products. Five years ago, we decided to take our online business more seriously and invested in a Gold Supplier membership. We started to realize that trade shows were not as effective as top online platforms such as Alibaba at identifying, attracting and communicating with potential buyers. 

We received excellent assistance from the Alibaba Global Partner Team when listing products on our website. The Alibaba team was always attentive and interested in explaining to us in detail how to reach more customers and increase our presence online, and also how to improve the quality of inquiries we received.

The results were exceptional. We now have a world-wide presence and are able to export LEGroup rice, American cheese, tuna, evaporated milk, cheddar cheese, and several other food products to remote countries around the world. Alibaba has saved time and costs for us and our clients, and we are very happy with the results.

We would highly recommend Alibaba for suppliers of any product, whether it be food, clothing, gadgets or machinery. It is the most efficient way to access a global community of buyers while increasing the visibility of your company, your brand and individual products. Also, we have seen the quality of inquiries increase year on year. We believe the reason for this is that buyers are also beginning to realize that this is the most efficient way to find reliable suppliers. Our return on investment in Alibaba has always justified continuous investment and going forward we don’t expect this to change. We are very happy with the service.




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