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"If you are thinking to expand globally, Alibaba is the smart way to go"

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: BIOALPHA 
Location: Malaysia
Industry: health and medical
Gold Supplier member since: 2017
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Bioalpha is an integrated health supplements company. We manufacture & sell formulated ingredients & health supplement products, both herbal and non-herbal based. We have our house brand products, but we also serve as original design manufacturer for our clients where we formulate and produce the products but they are sold under our client’s brand. All our products are Halal-certified.

As an integrated supplier, we have our herbal farms spanning 1,300 acres of land producing the raw materials for our products. Formulations are done by our R&D team and production is carried out at our HACCP and GMP-certified plants. We also operate our own retail chain pharmacy under the brand “Constant”.

It all started when I had my exposure in the healthcare industry during one of my previous professional roles. I have since developed great interest in it as I find healthcare, and in particular, health supplement, is an interesting area. It’s an industry where we can bring health to people and at the same time, it’s a sunrise industry as population as a whole is always on the uptrend.

And within the health supplements sector, I have identified a fast-growing market with huge potential – halal-certified herbal-based products, especially herbs that are indigenous to our region and have proven health benefits. 

My proudest moment of running the business would be the listing of our company, Bioalpha Holdings Berhad, on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in April 2015. Being a listed company signified the opening of a new chapter, elevating us to the next level and also served as a testament to our commitment and efforts.

The coming few years would be very important for us as we are on an aggressive growth path to expand our business overseas.

And to align with our company objective, LOCUS-T Online, the Channel Partner of Alibaba, did an exceptional job by establishing us on to the Alibaba platform as a Global Gold Supplier member.

joining Alibaba marked another important milestone for us, as we can now reach out to the whole world to market our herbal-based products in a very smart way.


Due to the many powerful functions in Alibaba for Gold Suppliers, it has helped our business drive results like never before.

Functions such as the…

Trade manager. Trade Manager allows potential customers all around the world to communicate with us in real time, so that we can exchange important information and seal deals faster.

Another function would be the Alibaba Supplier app: Personally, I have a very tight schedule. As running a business can be very time consuming. But with this mobile app, anytime, anywhere, I can instantly view the performance of my Alibaba account. I can check how many inquiries have we received? Did our staffs attend to the inquiries? Are new markets interested in our products? And it even has a built in Market Trend function, so that we could understand global market needs better.

And the most important function I would say, is the Ali Source function. Instead of waiting for potential customers to send in inquiries, with Ali Source, we can be pro-active in reaching ready buyers worldwide that are looking for products that are relevant to our business.


Previously on our own, it takes a long time and a lot of efforts to penetrate into a new foreign market.

However, with Alibaba, our products and services are now accessible to prospects from all over the world. In the short span we are on the platform, we have seized business opportunities from Asia, North America, Europe, Africa & Middle East.


We believe Alibaba will further enable us to accelerate our export market growth in the very near future. And If you are thinking to expand globally, Alibaba is the smart way to go.

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