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Transformation That Alibaba Gave

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Jude Xavier
Company: Global Intertraders (Pvt) Limited
Location: Sri Lanka
Industry: Agriculture
Gold Supplier member since: 2010 & 2013-2017
Gold Supplier



During my career as a stockbroker, I was able to study the business world and wanted to become an entrepreneur myself one day. At my first commission incentive received in 2010 I decided to invest in a business which will grow and future. I always believed that trading online will be the smart way to go forward. Searched for supporting platforms online, appeared, created an account, posted my products online, was receiving few inquiries and I was excited to communicate to business partners around the world. But nothing materialized. One day, Ms. Vivian Wu calls me from Alibaba office and introduces a plan for me to become a gold supplier and experience the difference. 

Now, when I discussed this with my friends, no one was in favour of this. Firstly, to send money to an overseas unknown company, secondly the name 'Alibaba' was really debatable. We have a story here by the name of ‘Alibaba & 40 Thieves’. So, everyone was against my initiative. 

What convinced me was the website and how it was convenient to place trades as per my expectations before I visited I was still short of money which was prescribed for the Gold Membership which I had to borrow and became a paid Gold Supplier for 2010-2011. This was my first investment and believe me it was a big amount being a salaried employee. I started my professional career at age of 26 and to make such an investment at 29 was huge decision. 

Ms. Vivian Wu from Alibaba explained to me how I can earn back the membership fee just one order. She was right, I received a contract from Vietnam for 67,500USD & and then another 210,000USD in very short time period. To be honest, I couldn’t handle this volume of orders and even defaulted the 200,000$ contract. 

I lapsed as a Gold Supplier in between for 2 years and renewed later to be in the 4th year currently. Originally it should be 5 years.

Alibaba opened many doors for me in the business world, corresponding with many business minds has transformed me to an entrepreneur, travelled to 14 countries so far searching for businesses where first being to Vietnam to meet my first international buyer via When asked why did they pick me as their supplier even knowing I’m new, they replied it was because I was a Gold Supplier and on the next visit even met the president of Vietnam. 

At I have been able to diversify my business by vast client based both in supply and buying. Trading on agriculture commodities has made convenient by understanding price fluctuations and demand. Today I’m happy to continue my subscription as Gold Member and will grow proudly with




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