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we receive many inquiries every day with the Gold Supplier status

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Leo Doncic
Company: Sevile d.o.o.
Location: Slovenia 
Industry: Promotional Products, Sport Products
Gold Supplier member since: 2013
Gold Supplier



We first used Alibaba as a buyer when we were looking for sound speakers. Soon after that, we started searching for Bar & Restaurant Promotional Products suppliers. 

After a while, we saw that Alibaba was not only useful for buyers, but also for suppliers. Therefore, we decided to join as a supplier too.

With the Gold Supplier status, we receive many inquiries every day. Not all of them decide to buy products or services from us, but the feedback is still very good. Besides one-time buyers, we also successfully established loyal customers that make repeat orders.

Each month we receive more than 130 inquiries, which results in about 5 to 10 orders. However, whether an inquiry converts into an order all depends on later communication with buyers, and the offered quality and price. 

Alibaba has allowed us to become an international trading company. With 95% of our buyers coming from other EU countries, we export more than 90% of all our products across the EU. Our main markets are Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Croatia. We even have buyers from the USA and Australia too.

We have had many interesting orders on the Alibaba platform. We received one from a company located only 20 km away from us. They had found us on Alibaba, so it was interesting to see how a buyer searched globally and then found us, the supplier, locally. Another order was the opposite, where we received an order from an Australian buyer, which was more than 16,000 km away.

Before we joined Alibaba, we only had clients from Slovenia. We cooperated with bigger companies and we were too dependent on them. Slovenia is a wonderful country, but the market is very small.

After joining Alibaba, we started to receive orders from all over the EU and abroad. The number of buyers is rising every month, which means we are less dependent on one client. The Alibaba platform helps us to accumulate more orders so that we can invest in more stock, and therefore offer bigger quantities of goods at the same quality, but for lower prices.




"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"