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Alibaba Gives Us Many Business Opportunities and We Will Continue to Use the Alibaba

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Said Azbane
Company: Les Laboratoires Azbane SA
Location: Morocco
Industry: Beauty & Personal Care
Gold Supplier member since: 2007
Gold Supplier






1.    How do you know Alibaba?
From internet advertising.

2.    How is your feedback through

3.    How many inquiries and how many orders do you get from Alibaba every month? Which countries are your clients mainly from?
It varies, sometimes 15 inquiries and 6 orders.
United States and Europe.

4.    What's the most impressive order or the most surprising order you got through 
An order for over $200,000.

5.    What's the difference between before and after you joined Alibaba? Please list some data for reference.
After joining, we focused more on what we know how to do best, which is conceiving, developing and manufacturing products. Alibaba takes care of the rest and brings us clients.

6.    What's the biggest advantage of e-commerce?
You can work from anywhere.

Company introduction:
Azbane is a Moroccan family owned and managed business with over 40 years of manufacturing experience in professional personal care and hotel guest toiletries, today we are the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Morocco. Our products include shampoos, soaps, creams, oils, and the Azbane Men's Grooming line based on argan oil. We also supply guest personal care toiletries and amenities to different airlines and to over 1000 hotels around the world. We also cater for a variety of customers who want to put their own brand name on the products. 

Azbane is both the only Moroccan company that is ISO 9001 certified and the first Moroccan company in the cosmetic industry join Alibaba. Our company first joined the Alibaba platform in 2005 after seeing an advert on the internet about how Alibaba can help businesses to sell on the global market. Our company has grown since joining Alibaba and most of our orders come from the Alibaba platform. We get over 100 inquiries each month and about 6 orders. We get orders for more than $250,000 from US companies and we are expanding our business into the US, France and other countries. Our company's annual sales turnover is about $12 million.

With Alibaba, we can focus on what we do best, that is conceiving, developing and manufacturing products, and Alibaba will take care of the rest by bringing us new customers. The Alibaba platform allows me to be extremely flexible, I can travel to various trade shows and still be able to manage my business from anywhere. Alibaba also connects me to new customers across the world, so I do not have to travel to meet new customers like I did in the past and I can put more effort into developing my business.

We now employ over 500 people and operate a large factory. In 1982, we only exported to Africa and the Middle East. Today, we are exporting our products to 52 countries across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas via the Alibaba platform. Our biggest export market for the last 3 years has been the US.

Alibaba gives us many business opportunities and we will continue to use the Alibaba platform to expand our business into the global market. We look forward to more growth and success in the coming years!




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