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An Effective Business Channel Gives More Business Opportunities

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Jackie
Company: Jihu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd
Location: UK
Industry: Heavy Equipment
Gold Supplier member since: 2015
Gold Supplier





Competition in the global economy is fiercer than ever. More and more companies are utilizing e-commerce platforms to compete, just like we have. We read about Alibaba online and decided to become a Gold Supplier after comparing it with other platforms.

Genuine knowledge comes from experience, and we have found Alibaba to be an effective channel for doing business. We receive more than 240 inquiries every month and our customers come from across the world, including Africa, Cambodia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Middle East, Pacific islands, Paraguay and Chile.

We have received some impressive orders through the Alibaba platform. The most surprising was from a customer in Pakistan. They contacted us through Trade Manager to purchase equipment, and came to visit us soon after. At first, we failed to make a deal and the customer visited other suppliers to compare the prices and condition of equipment. We contacted the customer again and entered into negotiations. After offering a better solution, the customer placed a large order for 25 mixer trucks. 

Since joining Alibaba, we have many potential customers contacting us to inquire about equipment. There has been a big increase in the amount of inquiries from customers since we decided to join the Alibaba platform.

Alibaba lowers our costs and allows us to target potential customers. We are contacted by lots of customers every month and many of them place orders. We maintain good relations with our customers and many recommend us to their friends. We have gained a lot by joining Alibaba.

With the help of Alibaba, we strongly believe that our business will become more and more successful.