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In our 4th year Gold Supplier membership, we have a proven track record and global presence for delivering first-class products and service.

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: HOLLY-WOOD ENTERPRISES
Location: Australia
Industry: Construction and Real Estate
Gold Supplier member since: 2014
Gold Supplier


Holly-Wood Enterprises Group (HWE) is a 100% private, family owned Australian company located in Australia and owned by Australian residents. It is also a subsidiary of Aus-Slab International Pty Ltd. These entities have over 25 years of combined experience and knowledge in the precious and scented wood export industry, and in particular sandalwood.

Our company’s journey with Alibaba began 5 years ago. The professional Alibaba marketing team convinced us to become a Gold Supplier to improve our presence and sales. We decided to take their advice and took up the 2-year Gold Supplier membership.  Within only a few months we saw a huge difference in genuine inquiries and sales results. Our company received many more Gold Supplier inquiries from all over the world and as a result we gained the trust, respect and recognition needed to succeed. Before becoming a Gold Supplier, we received many non-genuine inquiries and also a great deal of spam. This was very frustrating and time consuming because we still had an obligation to reply to customers that were non-genuine buyers.

In only the first year as an Alibaba Gold Supplier, our sales increased by 30% and after the third year we were amazed at our company’s performance with a 400% sales increase. Buyers would make genuine inquiries and follow up usually with a request for quotation and a product sample. Shortly after receiving the sample, the buyer would proceed with an export trial order to ensure the company’s efficiency and product quality. Thereafter trust is established and a pathway is laid for a long-term partnership and co-operation. Now in our fourth-year of Gold Supplier membership, we have a proven track record and global presence for delivering a first-class product and service. With this type of growth and reputation, the Australian Government awarded our company with a 5-year export supply contract for sandalwood.

Our company is now in the strongest position it has ever been in. All the hard work has paid off, the supply is locked in, and the demand is strong. Our reputation is secured. We are now receiving multi-million-dollar contracts on a regular basis. We therefore urge any business wishing to increase their sales and presence on a global platform to give Alibaba's highly skilled professionals the opportunity to help you. Thank you, Alibaba, for believing in us and making our dreams come true.





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