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After joining Alibaba, our revenue is now over US$ 20 million per year

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Richard Lee
Company: Nikko Group Pte. Ltd.
Location: Singapore 
Industry: Electrical Equipment & Supplies
Gold Supplier member since: 2013
Gold Supplier

​​​​​​​I first heard about Alibaba in 2007 from a friend. My sales revenue was dropping because of the financial crisis and I was relying too much on the domestic market. The domestic market in Singapore was too small and unsustainable. This triggered me to diversify my business and enter the international market.

I joined Alibaba as a Gold Supplier in 2010 and I was receiving multiple inquiries within 3 months. Joining Alibaba has improved my business as it began to grow significantly within a year. Alibaba is a great platform and it makes my business more efficient. I thank Alibaba for allowing me to connect to businesses across the world. In 2011, I received an order for US$ 40,000 from the Middle East. This was my first big order and I was very impressed that the platform could deliver this, all thanks to Alibaba!

My business is continuing to grow annually. Before joining Alibaba, our revenue was US$ 5 million per year. After joining Alibaba, our revenue is now over US$ 20 million per year, despite the bad market conditions. I believe that the e-commerce trend will continue to grow and that we are lucky to be connected to the world by Alibaba, let's grow together!




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