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Alibaba- a decision that changed everything

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Member: Andrey Buchirin and  Gennadiy Buchirin
Company: New Time (Novoe Vremya)
Location: Russia
Industry: Agriculture & Milk Products
Gold Supplier member since: 2016
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New Time was established in 1998 and manufactures natural goods for the health market. Our company's mission is to offer only environmentally friendly products that are beneficial to health. We are the largest producer of dairy and lactic products enriched with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the Far East of Russia.

We manage our own cattle farm to control the quality of our milk. We follow the latest research in the field of lactic bacteria to ensure our products are innovative, unique, and beneficial to health. We have won awards at health exhibitions that prove the quality of our products.

We decided to widen our range of products by introducing a new organic bio fertilizer. It is completely safe for humans and the environment, and provides nutrients not only for plants, but for the soil itself also.

We had a wide range of knowledge about doing business in Russia, but our new product was designed for the international market. There is now a great demand for safe and organic agricultural products because of changes in environmental policy, however, we did not know how to connect to foreign customers. We had the following obstacles:

  • We did not know where to look for international buyers and how to present our products to them
  • We knew nothing about e-commerce
  • The language barrier prevented us from connecting to customers abroad

Then we discovered the Alibaba B2B platform and it has become an essential part of our day-to-day business. We remember fondly our first steps with Alibaba, the first time we posted our products and the first RFQ we received.

Webinars from our Russian partner Indi Group have taught us how to work with the My Alibaba profile, how be successful in the organic fertilizer market, how to watch competitors and check our pricing, and how to react to changes in demand on the market. We learned about our customers' preferences and modernized our facilities to increase inquiries. Now the flow of inquiries and orders exceeds our production capacity.

Using the Alibaba B2B platform gave us the following benefits:

  • No need to pay for advertising abroad
  • Wide coverage of our target audience
  • Service support, webinars and consultation from Alibaba's partner Indi Group

A constantly improving service from Alibaba that analyses market demand to keep us one step ahead




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