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Member ID: Mr. Derik Lee


Country: South Korea
Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Gold Supplier member since: 2015


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In 2010, I was the first Korean Taobao seller and I sold Korean cosmetics. When customers purchased my cosmetics, I sent them in parcels direct from Korea and customers had to wait around 15 days, which was too long. My products started to become very popular and Chinese wholesalers wanted to import them, but I did not know how to export large quantities of goods. Then one day I saw a link to Alibaba and realized that this was exactly what I was looking for. I was then able to start my B2B business.

Customers are looking for companies they can trust. When someone buys from a shop, they can see the product for themselves and decide how good the quality is and whether they trust the shop. In e-commerce, the customer cannot see the products and can only check the information on the website. Naturally, customers are more hesitant when buying online.

To maximize trust online, I made sure I had the following:

  • Reliable company introduction
  • Detailed company information
  • All products posted
  • Easy to understand webpage
  • Quick response time to inquiries

So now when I get an inquiry, I send my company introduction first to build the customer's trust. I also give detailed feedback to customer inquiries to build a relationship with customers, this helps us understand each other.

I get around 600-1000 inquiries each month. A few years ago, only Asian countries were interested in Korean cosmetics. Today, customers from around the world are interested. Our customers mostly come from Asia and the Middle East.I remember my first order from Hong Kong. After 3 months on Alibaba, I got a small order for US$ 3,000. Since then, my relationship has developed with that customer and we have continued to do business. I got a lot of experience in e-commerce from this first order.

In 2015, we had exported over US$ 1,770,000 worth of goods. In 2016, we were awarded the US$ 1 million exporting prize from KITA.




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