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Without Alibaba, I would not export my products in such a convenient way

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Member Name: Robert Lee

Company Name: e-PRO Trade Co.

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Industry: Electric Heating / Solar Charging LED lights

Alibaba Website:

Gold Supplier since: August 28th

Gold Supplier

When I was a member of Rexva Co., Ltd., we had a lot of success on the Alibaba platform. We would receive over 150 inquiries per month and our exports went from US$ 290,000 in 2008 to US$ 930,000 in 2009. While working at the Korean Heating Co., Ltd. in 2010, we would receive over 75 inquires through Alibaba every month and exported US$ 250,000 of goods after just 3 months of membership, and sales eventually exceeded US$ 2 million through Alibaba. 

In 2013, I started to sell solar-charged LED lights. One month after registering the new company on Alibaba, I received an order from Saudi Arabia worth US$ 74,500. After that, we received another order for US$ 280,000 and have now entered into an exclusive contract worth US$ 900,000 over a one-year period.

In 2015, I exported US$562,000 worth of goods and gained 5 new customers. I have also sent samples to 14 customers. All of my customers contacted me through the Alibaba platform.

As you can see, I have had a lot of success at different companies by using the Alibaba platform. Without Alibaba, I would not be able to connect with customers and export my products across the world in such a convenient way.

Here are some data for your reference.

Annual inquiry average: 367 inquiries (annual average of Gold Supplier status)

January 2012 ~ August 2012: 17 inquiries (non-Gold Supplier)

August 2012 ~ August 2013: 219 inquiries (first year of Gold Supplier status)

August 2013 ~ August 2014: 362 inquiries

August 2014 ~ August 2015: 572 inquiries

August 2014 ~ Now: 316 inquiries




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