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The Magic Door Key

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Chen Saban
Company: Game on c.l ltd
Location: Israel
Industry: Home & Garden
Gold Supplier member since: 2014
Gold Supplier

Sometimes you reach a crossroads in business. I had known the buyer side of Alibaba since 2002 and came to trust the system. It became a secret weapon for me when I didn't have time to go to trade conventions, I could simply go on Alibaba and find the products I needed. Two years ago, I was making plans for a new business venture in China, I wasn't sure what business structure to use. I decided to go down the route of becoming a Gold Supplier on Alibaba.

I understood why Alibaba is called Alibaba, it really did open business doors for me. I was amazed by how professional both the buyer and seller sides of the site were. I realized that if you used the system effectively, you could get a lot of business leads.

After 3-4 months and some trial and error, I made my first big shipment to Europe for a few thousand USD. After the second, then third orders, I realized I was onto a winner. By using the RFQ system, I could maximize my business exposure without having to leave the office. The structure to use for my Chinese business became clear and was very successful, this also helped me with my Israeli business.


The Alibaba platform gives you a lot of options to reach potential buyers and gave me many business opportunities. As a businessman, I don't know how else I could have gotten these opportunities. My company is now selling worldwide and getting new leads daily. For me, Alibaba has been the magic key to opening this door into new business opportunities.

E-commerce is continuing to grow each year and Alibaba is a major factor in that. I recommend any business, large or small, to take advantage of the Alibaba platform to achieve success on the international market.

After registering I start understand the potential value of this system.





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