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Alibaba gave me a chance to live my life again!

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Sarmad Mansoor
Company: Sindhiya Enterprise
Location: Bangladesh
Industry: Health&Medical
Gold Supplier member since: 2014
Gold Supplier

It was August 2004, I registered my company (Sindhiya Enterprise) with the Dhaka Metropolitan Corporation and started a local business selling herbs and medical chemicals as a wholesaler. In May 2005, I registered Sindhiya Enterprise with the Controller of Imports and Exports as an import and export firm. I was totally new to the business and didn’t have any business background. I really didn’t know how to start and run this business. The same month my partner broke the business partnership and I suffered a big financial loss. Without any investment left, it seemed hopeless. I felt helpless as I did not know who I could turn to for help.

In early 2005 I opened a free membership account with, I saw it as I was searching for some chemicals on Google. It was really a stroke of luck for my new born company as I was not aware that this was a great chance. In the last months of 2005 I got a small loan of Bangladeshi Taka 200,000 (US$ 2,600). This would not solve all my problems, but it would keep my company trading for a short time.

I saw on the internet that some Indian companies were selling soap nuts and other herbs online, so I decided to make a post on Alibaba for soap nuts and other herbs. In March 2006, I got my first inquiry from Hong Kong. They paid US$50 for some samples, it was my first sale on the international market through Alibaba! I then decided to focus more seriously on e-commerce.

The next month, I got another inquiry from France for 7,000 kg of products. Due to my loss of investment, I needed an advance payment before I could ship the products. Through Alibaba, we managed to come to an agreement where payments were made in stages and I was able to ship the goods. It was a great chance to re-establish my business and it was all because of Alibaba. Alibaba gave me a chance to live my life again!

After this successful shipment to France I got more inquiries for orders worldwide and exported to countries right across Europe and Asia. We are not a major corporation, but we are proud to complete all our commitments on time and provide the best quality products to our customers!

Now we have been Gold Suppliers on Alibaba for 3 years and are getting good quality inquiries daily. Anyone can grow their small business and be successful on the international market with the help of Alibaba. 





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