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Advanced Product Posting Service â take our promotion to another level !

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Member:Mr. Arpan Agrawal
Company:Buoyancy Impex Private Limited
Location: India
Industry:Beauty Chemcials
Gold Supplier member since: 2005
Gold Supplier

Industry Expert

Buoyancy Impex established in 2005, is a high profiled, pre-eminent and credible name in petrochemical industry. The company has been developed stably throughout the years and built strong networks within the petroleum industry both local and internationally. Their clients located worldwide including government, private companies, large refineries, agents and distributors as well.

Besides providing high quality products, Buoyancy is also a service oriented company. They are dedicated in providing after sales support and industry advice to their customers, no matter where they located. Buoyancy is one of the most trusted partners in their industry because they are always ready to guide their customers to make the right decision in purchase what kind of products, and when is the right time to place the order. Buoyancy hopes that they can grow with their clients, the more competitive their clients are, than more products they will need from Buoyancy.

Advanced Product Posting Service

The Advanced Product Posting Service helps Gold Supplier to post their products in an efficient way, and get higher exposure while receiving more inquiries from quality buyers.

By filling in all the required product information in the provided template, plus sending over required imagery, the service will help you to post up to 5000+ products in one batch on behalf of the customer.

Effective promotion tool

“We have been a Gold Member on for over 9 years now, we put a lot of time to manage our account and we have been receiving stable inquiries and orders. However the latest Advanced Product Posting Service has given us a big boost. Once we have signed up the service, we started to receive much more refined inquiries from high quality buyers. All I can say us I am very happy that this product has been offered to us and we highly recommend this service to supplies that looking for a push on their current situation”, said by Mr. Agrawal.

“We have tried many other business portals with similar service already but we found that Alibaba Advanced Product Posting Service really a highly result targeted and customer oriented service” Mr. Agrawal added. “It is very important to keep growing our client base in order to keep growing in our industry. We are very pleased that we have met some very good and reliable customers through Alibaba platform in the past 9 years. And most important is a lot of them are still growing with us and I believe that there is still a long for us to keep growing”.

“I am looking forward in seeing more encouraging result from the platform and especially the Advanced Product Posting Service as well”, stated by Mr. Agrawal.

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