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We believe that ecommerce is guiding our company to another level of success !

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Thanh Khanh Ngo Tran
Company: Tre Lang Living Bamboo Co., Ltd
Location: Vietnam
Gold Supplier member since: 2005
Gold Supplier

Tre Lang Living Bamboo Co Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter, specializing in making bamboo furniture, home and garden decoration with Vietnam’s natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, thatch and sea grass. 90 percent of Tre Lang’s products are handmade by local workers which export to the the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, USA, Japan and Korea.

Established in 1999, Tre Lang was first run as a family business with only a few skillful workers. “When Tre Lang fisrt started, we faced a lot of different challenges like, lack of capital and new customer, not enough staff, especially skilled craftsmen. In 2001, one of our friends in Hangzhou China told us that we need to find a way out otherwise will be in deep trouble. He suggested us to sign up on in order to explore new business, new markets, new customers”, Mr. Thanh recalled how they started on

In the next 2 years, Tre Lang did quite well as a free member, they successfully closed deals with customers from Spain, the US and exported their first container overseas. “ really guided us to get on the right track when our company was first started”, said Mr. Thanh.

“Then, we started to receive inquiries from German and French customer, asking whether we are Gold Supplier member. These customers shown great interest in our products at first, but once they know that we are not a Gold Supplier member, the communication become less and less and finally no further feedback from them”, Mr. Thanh told us.

Tre Lang then realized that it was time to get themselves to another level, to polish their brand and win buyer’s trust in them. Mr. Thanh then started to study the benefits of being a Gold Supplier on, finally Tre Lang has upgraded to Gold Supplier Membership because they believe that the membership is going to guide them to the next level.

“The Gold Supplier membership really makes it a lot easier for Tre Lang to trade with buyers all over the world,” said Mr. Thanh. “Since we upgraded, we receive around 20 quality inquiries per month from the platform, around 2% will become real orders immediately, order size around US$100.000-$120.000 each. Today”, Mr. Thanh added.

Today, 50% of Tre Lang’s annual turnover is coming from “We now have our own factory in HoChiMinh City that is 12,000 square meters, which we are planning to expand very soon, along with a new factory around 25,000 square metter in Lam Dong province in order to increase our production capacity as well as the new bamboo natural composite production” Mr. Thanh told us confidently.

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