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We were so eager to reach more overseas buyers and Gold Supplier membership definitely achieved this for us

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Ms. Duong Thi Phuong Hien
Company: Babeeni
Location: Vietnam
Industry: Handicraft
Gold Supplier member since: 2006
Gold Supplier

Babeeni has over 10 years experience in manufacturing and exporting handicraft like lacquer and embroidery. Their customers are coming from the US, the EU, Japan, Middle East, Mexico and Brazil and highly satisfied with their products.

Before knowing what is ecommerce, Babeeni used to look for new customers at trade exhibitions, through their friends’ network, and having their salesmen to do knock on potential customers’ doors. However, the costs for these approaches were high and not effective as they expected.

“It was 2003, one of our customers advised us to register on in order to promote Babeeni plus to explore new markets and new customers”, said Ms. Hien.

“When we first started, we have setup quite a few free accounts on and hope that we will get more inquiries. However, it was not the way how it works. Then OSB, Alibaba’s local reseller, approached us and introduced us what is Gold Supplier membership and what additional privileges will be getting in this membership. We then upgraded to Gold Supplier right away since we were eager to receive more quality inquiries in order to expand our business”, told by Ms. Hien.

In the first month as Gold Supplier, they received 1000 inquiries, and they closed 3 orders out of it. “We now have 4 staff to manage the 2 Gold Supplier membership accounts every day. 50% of our total revenue is coming from and we are very happy that as a Gold Supplier member, we can communicate with potential buyers directly”, Ms. Hien added.

“I always tell people about this experience with an overseas customer we met on This customer wanted to source lacquer in Vietnam, we were one of the 5 suppliers they have shortlisted. Babeeni was the first factory they visited, but unfortunately, the customer was not totally satisfied with us, then they carried on seeing the other 4 suppliers. What surprised us was they finally come back to us because they realized that the other 4 suppliers were actually only a trader, and was guided to a craft village only. In the next 12 months, we sent them samples 5 times and finally the customers satisfied with our samples and place an order of USD200,000 by end of 2010”, Ms. Hien recalled.

Ms. Hien also shared with us that, Babeeni has been doing business over the internet for quite some time, in order to gain encouraging result, signing up on at least one B2B marketplace is a must. It has to be one with good reputation and marco view over the whole trading spectrum. In terms of the platform operation, to create informative product description, high quality product photo and dedicated personnel to take care of the platform operation is necessary.

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