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Ecommerce guides Thien Huong to the international trade fast track

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Nguyen Van Ha
Company: Thien Huong Food JSC
Location: Vietnam
Industry: Food & Beverage
Gold Supplier member since: 2009
Gold Supplier

Thien Huong Food is a manufacturer specialized in ready-to-eat food, such as instant porridge, instant noodle, , pre-cooked rice, instantrice noodles, etc. They also manufactured package snacks and chili sauce. Today, Thien Huong Food has very good reputation and great success in both domestic and international food industry.

Thien Huong Food started with a very clear direction which they put a lot of efforts in focusing on management, production and distribution of their products according to the actual needs in the market. Nowadays, both their local and overseas business is growing very stably. A lot of overseas partners are looking for opportunities to work with them in order to develop a better supply chain. In average, Thien Huong Food gets around 20 inquiries from international customers, and about 10% of them become real orders.

At the early stage, when Thien Huong Food started to gain some success in the domestic market, they then began to think of introducing their products to the overseas market. It was because they believe that they have the ability to serve more and bigger customers.

While Thien Huong Food was busy finding ways to reach overseas buyers and thinking of how to promote themselves outside Vietnam, one day, they heard some of their business partners talking about how much they appreciated with the platform and how effectiveness the platform connects them to overseas buyers. Immediately, they decided to sign up as a free member and try out the platform, it was early 2007.

Since Thien Huong signed up as free member on, they started to receive inquiries from outside Vietnam right away. However, the quality of these inquiries has no guarantee. In addition, it is hard for them to tell the reliability and credibility of these customers. As the result, Thien Huong Food decided to upgrade to the paid Gold Supplier Membership.

Being a Gold Supplier, it helps Thien Huong Food to go a big and important step in the company’s development. Today, Thien Huong Food receives 30 to 40 inquiries each month in average, over 90% of these inquiries were coming from, and around 5% - 10% of them will become real orders. Currently, Thien Huong Food is having a very good progress in developing both domestic and export business, while the export business plays a very important role in the company’s development.

“Since we joined, our products got the opportunity to be promoted more efficiently and widely, more and more overseas customers come to us. This helps to enable our export business to grow stronger and stronger. We are really happy that we have made the decision to become as Gold Supplier”, said Mr. Ha.

“We have been a Gold Supplier member for over 3 years now, our sales volume has increased by 20% compared to when we were just a free member. Currently, the company is expanding its office and factory to a site reaching 28,000 square meters in order to cater for the rapid increasing production and trading demand”. “When we first started with the platform, we got a lot of help from the customer service consultants. They helped us to write informative product description, post relevant information, and eye-catching product photo, etc. They also taught us how to update product information from time to time in order to maximize our exposure and increase the number of inquiries received every day. Being a Gold Supplier member, we can publish as many products as we want to the platform in order to maximize our visibility. By leveraging the online business tools provided, we can reply customers’ inquiries instantly without delay. This really shortens the sales cycle and at the same time, save us a lot of traveling time and costs. To us, Alibaba is like an expressway to enhance our corporate image and reputation, both in domestic and international markets”, added by Mr. Ha.

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