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Member:Mr. Dong-an Shin
Location: South Korea
Industry: Machinery/Packing Machinery
Gold Supplier member since:2008
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A.N.S. is an umbrella cover dispenser manufacturer located in Seoul, Korea. The company has produced umbrella cover dispensers and plastic covers for 10 years. This past February, they were acknowledged by the city for their innovative technology and products.

A.N.S. tried to enter the world market through traditional off-line methods. However, as demand for their exports grew, the cost that came with it became a burden. They especially had difficulty expanding their overseas market through off-line methods, such as costly trade fairs. Before long, Mr. Shin found that e-commerce expanded its range from B2C to B2B as online trade expanded.

In 2007, the company joined as a Gold Supplier member due to its advantages, such as being able to enter the overseas market at low costs and advertise their products to numerous buyers.

The outcome was impressive. Twenty out of fifty online contracts were signed on and sales increased by forty percent. One factor of their success was gaining trust from their buyers by focusing on being open about their products’ information and authentication. A.N.S. also checked inquiries often and responded immediately.

A.N.S. succeeded in signing a deal with New York’s Time Warner Center and procured a wide range of buyers from other countries. As a result, the company killed two birds with one stone. This contract became a great chance for the company to promote their products to other buyers in the U.S.

Shin said, “ is the best way to start exports for SMEs who lack the finances and flexibility during economic changes.”

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Author: Mr. Dong-an Shin

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