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Cosmetec Japan aims to expand its international sales ratio

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Cosmetec Japan Ltd. is a cosmetic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) which manufactures and develops cosmetics and quasi-drugs with high added value. We have a long history for more than 120 years since the founding of Momotani Juntenkan. Cosmetec Japan doesn’t just manufacture products, our goal is that,being able to provide total business support from proposing concepts ,as well as planning to design, specifications, and selling methods. Cosmetec Japan pays much attention to the quality of our materials, and all of our products are manufactured in Japan.

"Being started around ten years ago, Cosmetec Japan began receiving gradually increasing numbers of inquiries from overseas through our website. The large number of enthusiastic inquiries make us believe that cosmetics with high quality and safety which made in Japan are great needed in overseas markerts. For this reason, we officially begin carrying out business activities which aim at abroad. Currently, we have an office in Shanghai as part of the Momotani Jutenkan Group, and we have exported products to China, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States.


"We choose to join which has an extensive overseas network, because we hope to develop new customers in a more proactive way in the future. In the past we have displayed our products at an exhibition in Shanghai, but considering cost effectiveness ,we feel that is an efficient platform."

"From the beginning of using ,there were a great deal of competing products and we struggled all the time,because we didn’t receive many inquiries from target customers. However, the number of favorable inquiries began increasing steadily after making great efforts to improve the construction of our website . In addition to our products, in the cosmetic OEM business, it is extremely important that we are a company which trusted by our business partners."

"For that reason we have devoted ourselves to replying to the buyers in an attentive way ,and spending many hours giving advice through telephone, making use of our strong points of our long history and the total business support we offer. As a result, it is decided that we will carry out transactions with a company that is planning to enter the new cosmetics business in Malaysia ,which is also discussing the commissioned manufacturing of beauty cream with a customer in Singapore. Recently we paid a visit to a company in Hong Kong, with whom we entered into an agreement and gave a proposal regarding to future business."

" provides an excellent platform for us to encounter buyers from all over the world, however,we believe that,whether we are able to capitalize on this opportunity for our business or not is most depend on our own efforts. In the future ,we hope to raise our sales ratio in overseas markets to about 20% by using in increasingly proactive ways ,and building long term partnerships with buyers throughout the world. "

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Author: Ms.Carrie Wang

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