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"I expect 30% sales increase in every year."

  Member:  Mr.Kim Kuk Hyeon, CEO and President

  Company:  Neobuzz Demolition Tools Co Ltd

What's Gold Supplier


 Industry:  Tools

  Location:  South Korea


  Gold Supplier member since 2009


Neo Buzz Demolition Tools Co Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic breakers, hydraulic attachment and construction equipment in Korea. Mr Kim Kuk Hyeon, CEO and President of the company, has more than 15 years of experience in the hydraulic breakers industry before setting up his own business. Neo Buzz Demolition Tools currently exports to Japan, China, Italy, US, Egypt, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel and Iraq.

According to Mr Kim, he joined because he believed online marketing is the most effective promotion channel now. He used to promote his business in trade exhibitions and construction magazines and now he is diverting his marketing dollars to online channel. After he has signed up for Gold Supplier membership, the number of inquiries has increased tremendously and the annual sales revenue has increased by 30%.

“After I have signed up for Gold Supplier, I received more inquiries than before, the number of real orders has increased. I reckon that Gold Supplier is a very cost effective promotion channel and I get a lot of reliable customers through,” said Mr Kim.

“About 70% of my inquiries come from On average, I receive 50 inquiries per month and 2% of the total inquiries turn into real orders, that’s approximately US$50,000 sales orders per month. And I expect 30% sales increase in every year.”

"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

Author: Mr.Kim Kuk Hyeon

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