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The most important advantages of Gold Supplier membership are that you are able to get more inquiries and also gain the trust of potential customers.

  Member: Mr.S. W. Jeong 

What's Gold Supplier
 Computer Hardware&Software/ Other Computer Product

  Location: South Korea
  Gold Supplier member since: 2005

The most important advantages of Gold Supplier membership are that you are able to get more inquiries and also gain the trust of potential customers.

Alibaba gives me many chances to meet potential customers when compared to similar trade sites. It also helps to promote our products easily and conveniently.

We have closed over 20 deals since becoming a Gold Supplier member a year ago.

In our case, we feel searching for customers directly is a little more effective than posting product in formation in direct emails. We usually update our products once every few months and post selling leads twice a month. We usually get about 15-20 quality inquires per week. When we receive an inquiry, we usually reply on the same day if possible. It is always an advantage in business to reply to inquiries as quickly as possible.

We always ask our new customers about their other business ranges to check other potential business possibilities. We also check our old customers' business needs in order to introduce new products to them that might be related to their business.

We often use TradeManager and Trade Alert. Usually, 2-3 customers a day contact us through TradeManager. It is so effective and helps us to gear up to business fast. Sometimes we read the articles in the Resources channel but we have not participated in the discussion forums yet.


"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!"

Author: Mr.S. W. Jeong

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