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Shineray Motorcycle embarks on five-year international development plan

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Industry: Automobiles and Motorcycles
Products: Motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, generators, engines

Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of motorcycles. The company has been pursuing a road of internationalization and differentiation ever since its foundation in 1997. After eleven years of development, we now have 1,800 employees. The Shineray Motorcycle Company is an excellent example of the Chinese motorcycle industry. It has generally been accepted to be a distinguished leading manufacturer of off-road bikes.

In 2007, Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Company founded its new industrial park in Hangu Town, Jiu Longpo District of Chongqing. The industrial park has a modern factory covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters and an international motocross course. The factory is equipped with five standard assembly lines, which are among the most advanced in China, for two-wheeled motorcycles and two assembly lines for engines as well as one ATV assembly line. The factory enjoys an annual production capacity of 800,000 motorcycles and more than one million motorcycle engines. Its products and services have been sold in 86 countries all over the world and have been highly praised by both domestic and overseas experts and consumers.

Shineray has successively won the following honors in the past 11 years: the 12th Company out of 30 Top Export-oriented Companies in Chongqing, Chartered Motorcycle Manufacturer of the International Motorcycle Association for three times, Brand Enterprise of Chongqing, 100 Top-listed Enterprise of Chongqing, and Top China Brand.

“Transformation from Market Based Enterprise to Manufacturer”

The year 2009 is a new historical starting point for Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Company. This year, we will advance towards a comprehensive, proportionate and coordinated development of the overseas market and the domestic market. Faced with the global financial crisis and an unfavorable export situation, Shineray has made it clear that it will never give up! Our company intends to realize the coordinated development of the overseas and domestic markets within five years. Starting from this year, we will strategically adjust the way we approach the overseas market and increase investment of resources for the overseas market. Of course, now the competitive situation of the overseas market has been updated. The competition among enterprises no longer focuses on one certain link, but attaches more importance to the whole value chain and the comprehensive competitiveness. General practice has proved that those companies which have laid much stress on brand building have been steadily increasing their market share. And the common feature of these companies is that at top of the value chain, they put more and more attention on suppliers’ comprehensive strength and the ability to guarantee product quality; at the middle point of the value chain (the main manufacturer), they focus on building enterprise culture and improving employees’ professional capability; at the bottom of the value chain, they attach more importance to the development and upgrading of the marketing channels. In addition, these companies also put a premium on display functions, such as customer experience, brand image, design capability, service level and corporate culture. The traditional trump to success, which simply relied on “price competition” or similar methods, has gradually disappeared. Adopting a healthy sustainable management concept is the only realistic choice for modern companies.

In accord with these new circumstances, Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Company has made a “Five-year Plan of the Management and Development of the Overseas Market”, with an overall guiding ideology of focusing on customer requirements, sticking to industrial spirit, comprehensive planning for the overseas market, supporting the development of customers, strengthening management and creating standardized operation, in order to make the company stronger and larger and realize quality growth. At the same time, we are making a systematic consideration of product programming, research and development, quality assurance, marketing plan, after-sales service, input of resources, team building and mechanism assurance. At present, the ERP system which is implemented in the advanced level in the industry has already been applied in the production line and a video control system which covers the full flow is in operation. The training and development program for our employees has already become a necessary part of our work and life.

In the first half of 2009, our company has followed the five-year plan which is made for exploration of the overseas market and also made necessary changes as required. Taking products as a carrier, the overall work of the company is in full swing. We enriched the product structure, realized the return of value and stopped developing products which were identical to those of other companies. Through developing new products such as a professional motocross model, improving product quality and upgrading our marketing strategy, we have built on our core competitiveness and increased the value of our brand.

All our efforts aim at being the king of off-road and all-terrain vehicles in China.

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