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Alibaba brings customers!

TrustPass Member Photo Member:Mr. Ooi Chui Seng

Products:Functional Tea, Dehydrated Tropical Herbs

I first found Alibaba via searching the internet.

Regarding the TrustPass membership, I don't get many trade enquiries because my product is quite unique. It is really the right lead that matters not the quantity of leads. Hence, Alibaba has become our primary source of trade leads over the last 2 years. We have gained a couple of customers every year. To be exact, we gained two customers from Japan, two from Europe and one from US in our last 2 years as TrustPass member. I think we will do even better in 2007.

I think "trust" is a key factor in building a business relationship. So by being a TrustPass member means our business has been verified by a third party and so that gives credence to the process. Also, I think speed and quality of response to customer will also build trust. I usually respond to incoming mail promptly and precisely. And finally, when we commit, we must deliver - whether it's a quote, sending a sample and all that. Once we have gain customers' confidence, the rest is business. But if we don't gain the customer's trust and confidence, there'll be no business, even if we receive a thousand enquiries.

Posting products and attracting trade enquiries is always better and less time consuming than trying to solicit business by contacting "potential" customers. If we receive a trade enquiry, then they are usually potential customers, especially in our business where we sell quite unique tropical herbs and so if the customer enquires, it is usually quite genuine. This saves us a lot of time. I think this as much as I can share. I hope it is useful.

"Get 12 times more inquiries than Free Members with TrustPass!"