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Engaging in fair trade practices to guarantee effective suppliers cooperation

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Carlos Mantilla
Company: Ethnic Lanna Co., Ltd.
Location: Thailand
Industry: Luggage, Bags&Cases
Gold Supplier member since: 2012
Website: http://ethniclanna.trustpass.alibaba.com
Gold Supplier

When their owner and founder first came to Chiang Mai, he found himself surrounded by the very amazing items that we now sell on Alibaba.com. It was because of his thoughts and inspiration that we are successfully operating and selling our products globally today. We give this credit to Alibaba.com too.

By founding Ethnic Lanna on the principles of Fair Trade, they has established best practices to ensure that everything they did was fundamentally beneficial to all our partners and raised the standards of living of all their staff. Ethnic Lanna did this not only because it was the right thing to do at a moral level, but because by doing so, it would be the only way they could succeed financially as an e-commerce business.

Ethnic Lanna works closely with the ethnic community from the Hmong Artisans, and they insist that all our suppliers follow three fundamental rules when they provide us with products:

  • They must pay a minimum living wage to their employees
  • Work in ethical working conditions
  • Absolutely cannot engage in child labor

  • By guaranteeing ethical working conditions and collaborating with our suppliers to pay their employees a living wage, Ethnic Lanna has created a culture of collaboration and mutual cooperation that enables them to meet the demands of our international customers.

    “Without building relationships and trust with our suppliers and buyers, we could not succeed in fulfilling the orders that have been growing in frequency and size”, said Mr. Mantilla.

    “We have experienced an incredible growth since we first started, and Alibaba.com has been integral in getting our brand out into the global marketplace. Being located right in the heart of Chiang Mai, the capital of the former Lanna Kingdom in the North of Thailand, is essential for us to work closely with our artisan partners and keep our costs down”.

    Ethnic Lanna’s customers come from every corner of the world and their timetables are very tight in order to deliver our orders in a timely fashion and within the Fair Trade principles.

    Honest relationships that have come as a result of our ethical model have allowed Ethnic Lanna to demand more from their suppliers without compromising their working conditions and more importantly the quality of their product.

    “From our experience, if a business wants to be successful then the best practice is to firstly establish itself as one that gives its customers trust and treats them with respect. By doing so, we have built long lasting business relationships with all of our customers from around the world. Integrity, respect and loyalty are very important to our brand and to gain trust with our customers is also important too,” Mr. Mantilla stressed.

    Because of the proven successful methods of doing business through e-commerce, Ethnic Lanna is now expanding into the Mexican market to work with the indigenous groups in the country and they want to recreate the success they have achieved here with the Hmong community in Thailand.

    “We know there is a demand for our products around the world because there are so many indigenous groups that have an interest with beautiful hand crafts. By successfully proving that this model can work in Thailand, we know that hard work and cooperation based on the principles of Fair Trade have will allow us to succeed anywhere”, Mr. Mantilla told us in confidence.

    “Our challenge now in Mexico is to find the right staff to ensure the culture is of an ethical and sustainable manner and that we implement fair trade practices in our Mexican office. Proper training and written contracts with our partners are fundamental in guaranteeing repeated success. We hope that in the years’ to come we can share more best practice stories with you” !

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    Author: Mr. Carlos Mantilla

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