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Japan-Style Recycling for the World

Member: Kawai Yuji
Location: Japan
Industry: Used Clothes
Gold Supplier member since: 2015
Gold Supplier






TSUKUMO SHIGEN CO., LTD. began as a neighborhood used paper collection business that visited every house, collected used paper for recycling, and exchanged them for tissues, eventually expanding to a general wholesaler of recycled goods. After that, they set their sights overseas, ultimately becoming a company with over 200 million yen worth of sales.
So why are they still looking to expand their business overseas?


Their motivation for setting their sights overseas was to explore ways to sell secondhand clothing that would otherwise be disposed of due to poor quality. Feeling the challenges of exporting overseas via trading companies, they began seeking more profitable direct exportation. Their attendance of an Alibaba seminar a local bank had introduced them to in 2015 became a major turning point for them.


"'If there is even a tiny bit of demand, it'll sell overseas if promoted properly!' This quote left quite an impact on me. It reaffirmed the basic principle of business, where goods could be sold if people wanted them, compelling me to immediately apply the concept to my business. After that, when I checked Alibaba's website, I found that there were fewer companies dealing in used clothes than I had expected. I felt that this was my chance." -Managing Executive Officer, Yuuji Kawai


We hire personnel who are skilled in language as our overseas representatives and continue to smoothly acquire business deals.


"The good thing about Alibaba is that it brings unexpected export destinations to your attention."


​​​​​Even if the market expands, what makes this company appealing is its flexible purchasing system that is able to meet the needs of the buyers and export destination.


In the future they hope to build a workshop for sorting used clothes in Southeast Asia and to introduce the made-in-Japan recycling system to Southeast Asian countries.


Mr. Kawai believes that lasting relationships between people are always sought after in business. His company aims to protect the environment while flourishing alongside it. They will continue to march on and rise to every challenge.