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We can connect with billions of people with a small investment due to the growth of emerging countries and the development of the Internet

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Mr. Kobayashi
Location: Japan
Industry: Beauty & Personal Care
Gold Supplier member since: 2010
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NEW JAPAN FUNCTIONAL FOODS CO., LTD. is a consumer products company handling health foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. It has been 7 years since they first joined as a supplier. Established in 2001, they are originally distributing their products to domestic mail order wholesalers, however, Mr. Kobayashi, CEO of the company, determined to embark on Alibaba when their sales plummet in 2011. They now have dealt with around 1500 foreign buyers and constant deals with 40 buyers despite no overseas transaction experience prior to joining Alibaba.


It appears that the company steadily increases their sales in the foreign market, although when they just joined Alibaba, they received only a few inquiries which do not reach a contract. Although they have gone through the tough period lasting several months, Mr. Kobayashi is determined to do overseas development. Aside from market expansion, Mr. Kobayashi was hoping to spread good products, therefore, tackling foreign business matters with long-term perspective was considered necessary and this thought prevailed among the other company members, too.


In order to acquire a lot more repeat buyers from overseas, they worked on to post as many products as possible since they had no idea about what products will gain popularity. Regarding inquiry response, they focus on seizing buyers’ intention such as their requirements and information they need so that they can provide them suitable suggestions and reply.


Mr. Kobayashi implied the positive impact brought by global expansion. “The fact that our products are used throughout the world is very dreamful for everyone in this company. Additionally, we sometimes receive a million order at a time and it makes us realize how big the market size is.” The employees are highly motivated as the result reflects in such a visible way.



Going forward, the company will actively promote their original products such as a top-ranked cleansing gel of the famous cosmetics reputation site. They also aim to increase the number of product categories handled. “In today's age, we can connect with billions of people with a small investment due to the growth of emerging countries and the development of the Internet. I think I’ve made an excellent decision to join Alibaba," added Mr. Kobayashi.


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