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Mareya uses to source many of the products

Mareya Ibrahim

President and Founder, Grow Green Industries, Co. and EAT CLEANER™ Brand


Location: United States

Industry: Food and Beverage

Member Since: 2007


You know that old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, sometimes that just isn’t true. The unseen pesticides, waxes, dirt and bacteria on supermarket food can be your worst nightmare. That is where Mareya Ibrahim’s EAT CLEANER™ comes in handy. Mareya’s company, Grow Green Industries, creates and sells a variety of products that can eliminate harmful contaminants while prolonging the shelf life of fresh food that is consumed everyday, saving consumers money and giving them peace of mind.


Mareya uses to source many of the products that she sells and she keeps coming back every time she has a new idea. “I’ve sourced spray bottles, salad spinners, brushes and reusable produce bags on,” said Mareya. “I’ve saved at least 50 percent sourcing through and sometimes more.”


Mareya began using in her previous life as an event marketer and when she decided to start a new business she knew would give her a good place to begin. “I used quite a bit in my last career and I knew it was the perfect place to source all kinds of valuable items,” said Mareya. “I’ve always found to be very helpful as a research tool. I can go online and easily see what is out there in the marketplace without much effort.”


Using the Buying Lead section to pit companies against each other is a feature that Mareya likes best. “I just put out a Buying Lead for what I want and how much I want to pay and I see who bites,” said Mareya. “It is a great way to test the water and get competitive pricing. It’s especially important in a down economy to get the best product value so I can pass that savings onto my customers.”


In the food and beverage industry especially, the use of environmentally friendly materials is the key to success. “I was able to find a certified BPA-free plastic manufacturer on to produce my products at a great cost,” said Mareya. “I often get questions at trade shows about the safety of my materials and I am proud to be able to assure my customers that safety is my number one priority.”


Today, EAT CLEANER™ can be purchased online and through various retail locations throughout the country. Recently, Mareya pitched her product line to Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine. They liked her assortment of food washes and cleaners so much that they came up with a great incentive package. Purchase the EAT CLEANER™ Wash&Dryer Kit and receive a bonus offer of a one-year subscription to Everyday Food Magazine. Delivering added value to the consumer is what Grow Green Industries is all about.