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Source: Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com, MIF-IDB and COMEXPERU invite Peruvian companies to participate in global trade

Published: 03 Jan 2011 15:19:39 PST

Alibaba.com, the world's leading e-commerce company for small business, the IDB-MIF and COMEXPERU announced that Peruvian companies will now be able to expand their business prospects further, receive assistance from COMEXPERU, lower costs and increase profit margins by working directly with more than 13 million members, in 240 regions around the world on Alibaba.com's international platform.

This agreement empowers COMEXPERU member companies and all those registered with COMEXPERU (Registration operated by COMEXPERU) to join Alibaba.com as free members. Registration will initially include general company information with an e-mail notification being sent to each company inviting further participation in the program.

Through this channel Peruvian small and medium-sized businesses and their products will be part of a global marketplace. COMEXPERU, Alibaba.com and the IDB-MIF will extend the level and value of business opportunities for Peruvian enterprises on a national and international basis via the alibaba platform, allowing them access to new markets via e-commerce business.

The project will encourage Peruvian businesses to join the Alibaba.com e-commerce platform and will launch an online promotional campaign for the participating businesses in an effort to significantly increase the visibility of Peruvian goods and services at an international level. Support mechanisms will be put in place to help companies meet the growth in demand, helping them cope with foreign purchase orders.

Further information is available from: pyme@comexperu.org.pe

About COMEXPERU (Foreign Trade Association of Peru):

COMEXPERU is a non-for-profit business association that represents the most important exporters, importers and companies that provide services to foreign trade in Peru. In addition, it is an opinion leader that promotes a competitiveness and economic modernization agenda.

COMEXPERU's mission is to promote foreign trade in a free market environment, foster private investment and contribute to business competitiveness and economic growth in Peru with a vision to achieve a developed, modern and open country.

The presence of COMEXPERU’s logo on a member profile in Alibaba.com means that a given member participates in a Program executed by COMEXPERU. It does not imply a direct working relationship between COMEXPERÚ and the member, or even that COMEXPERU guarantees the member.

The content displayed under the information of each member profile on this Site is provided or posted by third parties ("Third Party Content"). Alibaba.com and COMEXPERU are not the authors of Third-Party Content, whether contributed by anonymous users or paid content providers. Any Third Party Content is the sole responsibility of the party who provided the content. Alibaba.com and COMEXPERU are not responsible for the accuracy, propriety, lawfulness or truthfulness of any Third Party Content, and shall not be liable to any User in connection with such User's reliance of such Third Party Content. In addition, Alibaba.com and COMEXPERU are not responsible for the conduct of any User's activities on the Site, and shall not be liable to any person in connection with any damage suffered by any person as a result of such User's conduct.

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