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Trust - is the key to help Longcraft to spread their wings into the global market successfully

Gold Supplier Member PhotoMember: Ms. Khanh Le
Company: Longcraft Co. Ltd.
Location: Vietnam
Industry: Handicrafts
Gold Supplier member since: 2012
Gold Supplier

Longcraft Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, but have 18 years in handling OEM orders in the local embroidery village, and specialized in hand embroidery, home textile and other garment products. Their customers are all over the world, including USA, UK, France, Japan, Korea, Italy Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain and Brazil.

“I have heard about for a long time before we signed up as a free member”, Ms. Le told us. “However, we did not really know how it can help us until 2012. Once we signed up as a free member on the platform, we really did receive some inquiries, however, not many real orders we received though. One day an Alibaba salesman called us and asked how we are doing with the platform, then I know that there are a lot more we can do on the platform in order to get noticed”.

Finally Longcraft upgraded to Gold Supplier membership because they trusted ecommerce is the most effective way for them to connect with more customers.

Ms. Le told us once Longcraft upgraded their membership, they started to get more inquiries, and the conversion rate to real orders are a lot more than when they were just free member. In addition, there are a lot more opportunities for them to catch potential customers’ attention. The number of contracts that they are getting now has significantly increased !

“In average, we are now getting around 200 inquiries monthly, approximately 5% of these inquiries will turn into real orders and contracts. The orders we received from platform are representing 30% of our exporting revenue,” stated by Ms. Le.

Ms. Le told us an incident that Longcraft experienced when they just started on Alibaba platform as a Gold Supplier. Longcraft met an US customer and they successfully got an order from this customer. However, when all the products are produced and ready to be shipped to the US, this customer told Longcraft that they are having financial problem and asked whether they ship them the products first without making them to pay the rest of the payment before delivery. Once they sold all the products, they will then pay them immediately.

“We didn’t know what to do, since all the products are ready to be shipped and we didn’t want to waste it,” Ms. Le said. “We understand that financial problem happens to small companies all sometimes. We knew that was very risky, this US customer could be a liar and all this could be a scam. However, we decided to trust this customer and we shipped the products to them without getting the rest of payment.”

Luckily, this US customer really sold all the products produced by Longcraft successfully and settled the payment immediately. Since then, they have built up a long term relationship, all because of “trust”.

Ms. Le believes that e-commerce is the trend, and it is the most efficient, cost effective way for promoting their products internationally.

“For companies that just starting on, don’t give up should you run into any difficulties or problems. Trust yourself, trust your partners, trust the platform and keep pursuing your dream. I am sure as long as you tried your best, your efforts will never be wasted !” suggested by Ms. Le.

"Get 22 times more inquiries than Free Members with a Gold Supplier Membership!!!"

Author: Ms. Khanh Le

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