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MOFCOM Released Guideline on Logistic Industry and Freight Forwarding in International Shipping

Published: 05 Dec 2013 18:36:26 PST


MOFCOM released Guide-line on Accelerating the Healthy Development of Freight Forwarding in international shipping, which defined the guiding ideas, basic principles, development goals, major tasks andsafeguard measures for improving the healthy development of international freight forwarding agent industry during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”period.

The Guide-line provides that in the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, enterprises above the designated size should achieve a turnover with average annual growth rate of nearly 12% while transforming the developing mode and improving the quality; Large-scale international logistics enterpriseswithprominent main business, sound network overseas, and strongcompetitivenessshould be formed through mergers and acquisitions and MOFCOM’s supporting on prominent and powerful enterprises.A group of medium-and-large scale logistics providers with perfect functions, complete facilities and strong resource integration capabilitiesshould be nurtured, as well as, a small-and-medium sized professional team of forwarders with outstanding brands and striking business advantages should be formed.International freight forwarding logistics market featured as reasonable structure, diverse format, and high-quality service, competitive and orderly is to bebasically formed.

The guide-line defines that to do well the work of China's internationalfreight forwarding agent in logistic industry, MOFCOM should regard management reform and institutional innovation as the basic principles, insist on market-led, government-guidance and focus on business-oriented, adhere to the classification guidance and implementation of orderly competition. MOFCOM should also perfect industrial management system and guide the industry to transfer the development mode and promote transformation; optimize market environment, focus on the development of small-and-mediumsized enterprises, as well as, professional services, personnel training, and reduction of the burdens to enhance efficiency; encourage enterprises to go global, guide relevant enterprises to integrateresources, to build flagship and participate in international competition; innovative business model, explore new markets, and improve industrial profitability and market competitiveness; raise the overall level of industry information, lay a solid foundation for the development of the industry, improve industrial standards and statistics system, and promote the construction of credit system; strengthen the building of industrial organizations, and give a full play toservices, coordination, and self-discipline.

Local commercial departments and industrial organizations are required according to the guide-line,based onspecific circumstancesofthe places and theindustry; to formulate developmentalplans and policy measures in light with the goals, tasks and relevantprinciples made by the Guidance; to establish practical work mechanism; to clear responsibilitiesandpush forward the workso as to promoterapid and healthy developmentofChina's internationalfreight forwarding in logistic industry.

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