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Smit Tugs Move Crippled UASC Ship to Saudi Arabia

Published: 04 Sep 2013 18:30:53 PST

United Arab Shipping Co.’s ship Asir, which was crippled by an explosion that occurred in its engine room on May 11, has been moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by two tugs from Smit Salvage.

Prior to the arrival of the tugs, UASC vessels Ain Snan and Jebel Ali had, in turns, extended emergency support to the vessel.

Full power was restored to the generators prior to the beginning of towage on May 13, and towage operations began on May 15. The vessel was cast off by the Smit tugs at Jeddah on May 18, when four tugs belonging to the Saudi Port Authority took over and towed the vessel to DPW Terminal.

Asir had plans to discharge all of its 1,841 containers onboard on May 19, followed by inspection and emergency repairs at the general cargo berth. The cargo was originally bound for Khorfakkan, United Arab Emirates; Jebel Ali, UAE; Port Qassim, Pakistan; and Nhava Sheva, India.

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