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How To Qualify And Identify Global Suppliers

Published: 15 Mar 2015 22:31:09 PST

 Global Biz Circle   Apr 4, 2014

Even if we move away from out-and-out criminal behavior, there are things you need to do to make sure the business you are considering, as a partner is a legitimate and reliable enterprise. First among these is to ensure that you are dealing with a manufacturer, if that is your intention. As you know, on you’ll also find agents and brokers who represent manufacturers. These are not necessarily unethical companies, but rather middlemen who help manufacturers move products. You’ll pay more for your products if you buy them from a middleman, so if you’ve come to the site to find a manufacturer, be sure that is what you’ve found.

The first step is to search for the company’s Web presence outside of “I search for their web site off,” explained Jane Ivanov of Eve Alexander Maternity and Nursing Apparel. “If they have a site, it shows they are respectable enough to have that presence. From their site, I can also gauge their level of proficiency with English. If it’s poor, that may prove to be a hindrance somewhere down the line.” Valerie Johnson goes one step further. “I look for the companies that have virtual tours of their manufacturing facilities online. That’s encouraging,” she told us.

“You have to be careful about who is a direct source and who is an intermediary,” agrees Aninda DasGupta, managing director and co-founder of IndoSino Group, a sourcing-service provider that helps medium to large companies find supply sources. “You will often see the same product images showing up from multiple sources, and it takes a few phone calls or meetings to figure out who is a genuine source.”

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