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Introducing "Office Hours" for PIERS TI Subscribers

Published: 15 Apr 2014 03:08:53 PST

 To help our PIERS TI subscribers get the most out of their subscriptions, we're introducing "office hours," letting you communicate live with our staff and other users every week. Going far beyond the usual help videos and manuals, we want to make ourselves available in as personal a forum as we can for our global customer base. 

We've previously mentioned some of our application updates, such as the release of standardized company names to all PIERS subscription levels, which have allowed our PIERS TI customers to more easily summarize and aggregate data by company names. This has been well-received for by customers who frequently run market share reports since it removed certain redundant data. Over the coming months we're planning even more improvements and new features, and we want to engage our customers directly as we move forward.

Final-OfficeHoursBoxWe recognize that our product needs to evolve to meet the needs of real users and we're happy to hear your questions and feedback. Taking advantage of some new updates by Google to their "Hangouts-on-Air" platform, we'd like to open up the lines of communication via a virtual roundtable, every week. Join our broadcast - only a keyboard is required on your end, but audio & video are welcome for those who aren't camera shy - and we can take your questions while we share our screens for live demonstrations. These sessions are of course open to our free users as well, since we know you're curious about how to use our data and what advantages we're able to offer you.

 If you're already a Gmail user or have a Google Account, you can just click straight through from the image below to RSVP. (Or just click here.) If you don't, accounts are free for anyone. (You'll also be able to follow our updates at Google+.) 

You can submit questions in advance, if you'd like, or ask for demonstrations of specific features, explanations of data points, and so on. We look forward to hearing from you!

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